Teaser Tuesday #A Dance with a pirate

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Do you know those moments whene you look at someone and, whitin seconds, everything around you fades? When the upbeat music you heard only seconds ago miraculously turns into something soft and sweet? Whene your knees buckle and your heart wants to give out for no obvious reason? 
Well, this is what happens to me right now. 
Only there's no chance of me failling with James Hook's arms enveloping me like my personal safety lines. 
He starts to sway me to the music. 
“ Someone's tense. Do I make you nervous?” 
That would be the understatement of the century. 
“Why are you scared of me Angel?” 
He whispers, his face closer to mine now. 
“Because you're a pirate”

Tratto da Pan's revenge di Anna Katmore , secondo capitolo della duologia Adventures in Neverland


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