martedì 21 marzo 2017

Teaser Tuesday #Pages for you

Buongiorno lettori ecco di ritorno la rubrica del martedì con un teaser tratto da un libro il cui genere sembra scarseggiare tra gli scaffali italiani
La rubrica Teaser Tuesday è stata ideata dal blog Should be Reading .
Ecco le regole:
  • Prendi il libro che stai leggendo;
  • Aprilo in una pagina a caso;
  • Condividi un breve spezzone di quella pagina;
  • Condividi il titolo e l'autore in modo che i partecipanti possano aggiungere il libro alla loro whislist

Once, as a surprise, Anne announced she wanted to read to Flannery from a new author, a young talent who she was sure would one day make a mark on the world. Flannery was too distracted to see it coming. When she heard that honeyed voice pronounce the familiar lines
I'd like to pay your palms the same favor that you pay these pages
she howled agony and pelted her reader with a hail of pillows. The actress, deterred by the assault, had to stop, but not before telling her audience, laughingly,
"You'll see! One day they'll all be reading her. One day" - she dodged the pillows and ran from the room, warning on her way out - "you'll look back on this performance as a moment in history!"

Teaser tratto da Pages for you di Sylvia Brownrigg

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